Urns & Timber Boxes

Scatter Box

The scatter box is complimentary with any standard pet cremation.

The scatter box can be purchased individually for

Carved Timber Box

Our beautifully carved timber box is ideal for holding your beloved pet's ashes.


Timber Brass Photo Box

Display a photo of your beloved pet in this stunning timber box with brass fittings.



Cami Bear

The custom-made Cami Bear is a beautiful place to keep your beloved pet's ashes. Personalise with a unique message or your pet's name.

From $220

Paw Print Timber Box

A beautiful timber box with brass paw prints. The perfect vessel for your beloved pet. 


Rock Urn

The rock urn is the perfect vessel for your pet's ashes & can be placed in their favourite outdoor spot.

Small $105
Large $120

Metal Urn

A silver metal urn with gold paw prints.


Metal Urn

The white metal urn with rose gold paw prints is a unique vessel for your pet's ashes


Metal Urn

A charcoal metal urn with silver paw prints


Metal Urn

A plain silver metal urn.


Metal Urn

A white metal urn with silver paw prints.


Terracotta Pot

Let life grow around your beloved pet with this beautiful custom-made terracotta pot.


Outdoor Polished Granite Pet Urn

The custom-made polished granite pet urn is a stunning feature for any garden memorial


Sandstone Outdoor Pet Urn

Create a lasting memory in your garden or outdoor space with the beautifully engraved sandstone pet urn


Rock Face Sandstone Outdoor Pet Urn

The Rock Face garden pet urn is a unique and personalised memorial option for your pet.


Lasting Memento Ash Sphere

The Lasting Memento provides a unique alternative to traditional pet urns. 

From $290

Wooden Sleeping Cat Urn

A peaceful resting place for your beloved cat.