As a vet, you will strive to keep your patients healthy and happy. Unfortunately, there sometimes comes a time in a pet’s life where they are too sick or senior maintain a good quality of life. In other scenarios, a pet may be taken too soon following a premature illness or accident. Either way, your client may turn to you for support and advise for what to do next.

Keep reading to learn all about pet cremation, including private cremation, regulations around scattering ashes and how to choose a pet urn, so you can help your client in their time of need.

Everything you need to know about pet cremation

At Patch & Purr, we recognise that saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy. Cremation is a positive way to honour a pet. Owners are given the opportunity to visit our state-of-the-art facility, say a final farewell to their pet from our comfortable viewing room, and choose how they would like to receive their pet’s ashes after the process.

What's the difference between private and community cremation?

Most pet owners choose private cremation, as this ensures they receive the ashes of their pet and only their pet. With a private cremation, you will take the pet with our unique Pet Tracker 360 technology. This includes a unique number, which you input into the VetLink system. From here, we can track the pet and guarantee that your client receives only the ashes of their companion.

Where can you scatter a pet's ashes?

Your client may ask you about where they should scatter their pet’s ashes and whether there are any restrictions as to where they can go. Many clients choose to scatter their pet’s ashes in a place where their pet loved to go, such as a favourite walk or a hiding spot. Others use their pet’s ashes as a base for planting a beautiful tree to memorialise their pet.

How to choose a pet urn?

If scattering isn’t for them, your client may choose to purchase a pet urn to keep their companion’s ashes in their home or garden forever. In VetLink, you can input your client’s wishes, be it a scatter box or special urn, meaning they will receive everything they require with minimal effort during this difficult time.

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