Small Pet Cremation in New South Wales

They may be tiny, but small pets can have big personalities. At Patch & Purr, we recognise that the bond with a small pet is strong. When they die, it's just as difficult as losing a cat or a dog.

Whether it’s a beloved reptile, a chatty bird or a fluffy rabbit, the loss of a small pet is never easy. The death of a small pet will not only affect the human family members, but other pets will undoubtedly grieve too.

Pet cremation is an important part of the grieving process for all family members, human and otherwise. You will take time to remember the small pet and the difference they made to your life. It’s also a positive way for children to say their final farewells to their little friend.

Small Pet Cremation Process

At Patch & Purr, even small pets are treated with the care and respect that they deserve. Unlike the traditional pet cremation procedure, your pet will be cremated alone. Our unique Pet Tracker 360 technology guarantees that you will receive the ashes of your pet and only your pet.

Our friendly team members will help you in every stage of your small pet’s cremation, from selecting the right pricing package to choosing an urn or scatter spot.

Each of our locations offers a private and comfortable space to say your final goodbyes to your pet. There’s even a viewing window into the cremation room, which many people find comforting in the final moments.

Group of guinea pigs

Why Choose a Small Pet Cremation?

Pet cremation is an increasingly popular choice for bereaved pet owners. Even small pets like birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles and rodents can be cremated. It’s up to you what you do with the small pet’s ashes.

For many years, families have opted for burying small pets. However, pet burial can become a problem when you move house or choose to carry out a spot of gardening. Pet cremation means you can say goodbye to your small pet in a respectful way.

Small Pet Cremation Prices

Small pet cremation can vary in price. We offer a variety of pricing packages to suit your budget and requirements.

Depending on whether you choose a private or community cremation, the price will vary. The weight of your pet is also taken into account.

Additional services are available, including home visits and urns. Take a look at our pricing plans page to learn more about the cost of cremating a small pet.

Pricing Plans

Why Choose Patch & Purr?

Here at Patch & Purr, we are proud to offer private pet cremations, meaning your cat is cremated alone. Our unique Pet Tracker 360 technology guarantees you are receiving the ashes of your loyal friend. We’re proud to have an expert team on hand to help support you and your family through this difficult time. If you’re looking for extra support following the loss of a feline friend, take a look at your resources page for expert articles and useful blogs to guide you through the grieving process.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got any questions about pet cremation, choosing an urn or vet support, take a look at our FAQs to find the answer.