Horse Cremation in Sydney, Central Coast & Southern Highlands

There is nothing like the bond between you and your horse. When the time comes to say goodbye you want to give them the care and respect they deserve. Our purpose-built cremator is the only pet cremator in NSW capable of cremating large animals. We can care for pets the size of a Shetland pony up to a Clydesdale.


The Horse Cremation Process

At Patch & Purr, our purpose-built cremator ensures that your beloved horse will be cremated complete and individually.  We can pick up and return your horse from your home, vet or agistment centre*. Our unique Pet Tracker 360 tag provided to every pet in our care, ensures that the ashes you receive are those of your horse and only your horse.

We guarantee full transparency in every part of the horse cremation process.


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Why Choose Horse Cremation?

Many horse owners don't have the luxury of being able to keep their horse on the same property they live on and are often not able to lay them to rest at the place where they have homed them. This is where horse cremation provides a respectful way to honour and farewell your horse.

Our helpful staff will support you through every stage of the process, so you will feel informed about what is happening to your horse in their final moments.

After the cremation, you will receive the ashes of your horse's alone. It’s up to you what you do with ashes, but we recommend scattering them in a place special to you and your horse or keeping them in an ornamental urn in your home.

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Horse Cremation Pricing

Horses 100kg or less

Horses from 101kg up to 200kg

Horses from 201kg up to 350kg

Horses from 351kg up to 600kg

Horses from 601kg and over

Horse Urns & Timber Boxes

Our handcrafted Australian timber horse box provides a beautiful memorial that you can display in your home.
The timber horse box is available in red cedar timber or white cedar timber.

$395inc. GST


Horse giving cuddles

Australian Timber Horse Box - Red Cedar & White Cedar

Terms & Conditions

 *Transfer of the deceased horse or livestock from vet or home into our care is during business hours. Additional fees may be charged for after-hours transfers. A travel fee is charged for all horse and livestock transfers with a minimum of 2 hours travel. For travel over 6 hours an overnight fee may be incurred. All horses and livestock are cremated individually. Cremated ashes are returned to vet or home with 2-3 business days.
All quotes apply to a cremation at a Pet Crematorium chosen by Patch & Purr Pet Cremations.
Full payment is required prior to the return of cremated ashes. All prices include GST. Prices valid until 31 December 2019.
No further discounts will apply. Not in conjunction with any other offer.