Dog Cremation in Sydney and Greater New South Wales

For many, the death of a dog is like losing a close family member. Dog cremation is just one way to honour your four-legged best friend, who was always there for you, even at the end. Once your loyal pet dog is no longer around, you will be faced with the difficult decision of what to do with your pet’s body. At Patch & Purr, we offer dog cremation services where your pet will be treated with the care and respect they deserve.

All Guide Dogs receive our service free of charge*

*The Guide Dog registration number must be provided.

The Dog Cremation Process

At Patch & Purr, your beloved pooch will be cremated alone. Our unique Pet Tracker 360 means that you will be sure that the ashes you receive will be those of only your pet. We guarantee full transparency in every part of the dog cremation process.

Visit us and meet the friendly team, who are experts in delivering outstanding pet cremation services. Take advantage of our comfortable and spacious facility and say goodbye to your loyal friend in your own time. Our facility even has a viewing window into the cremation room, so you can be by your dog’s side until the very end.

Dog playing in the field
Dog with his head out of the window

Why Choose Dog Cremation?

Not only is a cremation a respectful way to honour your dog, but it’s also a great way for you and your family to deal with the grief of losing a pet.

Our helpful staff will support you through every stage of the process, so you will feel informed about what is happening to your family pet in their final moments.

After the cremation, you will receive the ashes of your pet alone. It’s up to you what you do with ashes, but we recommend scattering them in your dog’s favourite outdoor spot or keeping them in an ornamental urn in your home.

Dog Cremation Prices

We offer a variety of pricing plans to match your budget and needs. Dog cremations can vary from community cremations, where your pet is cremated alongside other pets and you receive a share of the ashes, to private cremations, where you only receive your pet’s ashes.

The cost of a dog cremation varies depending on your dog’s weight and what level of service you require, including home visits and urns. Take a look at our pricing plans page to learn more about the cost of cremating a dog.

Help and Advice

Losing a pet is hard. Take a look at some of our downloadable guides below to help you through this difficult time. Experts will guide you through a variety of topics including dealing with grief, supporting children through the loss of a pet and even how other pets grieve.

Planning Ahead

If you have a sick or senior pet, you may want to plan ahead to ensure your loyal pet gets the send-off they deserve.

What to Expect

Discover what to expect on the day of your precious pet's cremation, including a guide to writing a eulogy for your pet.

Dealing with Loss

Find solace in this difficult time, including support groups. You'll also learn how to tell a child about the death of a pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got any questions about pet cremation, choosing an urn or vet support, take a look at our FAQs to find the answer.