What if my pet dies at home?

Dealing with a pet dying at home

If your pet suddenly dies at home, and your vet is unavailable, Patch and Purr offers 24-hour phone service and support on 1300 XXX XXX.

How much does your pet cremation service cost?

Pricing explained

Pricing information is available on our pricing page or you can call us or request an information packet. You can alternatively speak with your Vet, be sure to ask which crematory facility is used and if they provide a choice of crematories. It is your pet so the choice ultimately belongs to you.

Pet cremation is a positive way to honour your pet’s life and start the grieving process.

Once you have decided that pet cremation is for you, the next step is to choose between private and community cremation.

We’re here to help you make an informed decision suits your budget. Keep reading to find out more about private and community cremations.

What is Private Cremation?

At a private cremation, your pet placed in the cremation chamber alone. This means you will receive the ashes of your pet, and only your pet. At Patch & Purr, we have a unique 360 Pet Tracker technology, which allows us to tag your pet the moment they leave your care. This tag is then placed in the chamber with your pet and returned to you with their cremains.

On the day, you will be invited to attend the cremation at our state-of-the-art facility. You’ll be given the opportunity to say a few words and bid a final farewell to your loyal friend from our comfortable viewing room. You will be by your pet’s side throughout the whole process.

Most pet owners opt for private cremation as they don’t feel comfortable receiving the ashes of other pets mixed with their own. This way, they are able to scatter their ashes in their favourite place or keep them in an urn at home. We understand that even though your pet is no longer by your side, they will always be in your heart.


What is Community Cremation?

In a community cremation, your pet is placed in the cremation chamber with other pets and you will receive the ashes of your pet co-mingled with those of other pets.

You will receive a portion of the shared ashes and still be able to do as you wish with these remains.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got any questions about pet cremation, choosing an urn or vet support, take a look at our FAQs to find the answer.