When you imagine what happens at a pet cremation, it might fill your head with questions and worries. We’re here to make you feel safe in the knowledge that your precious pet is handled with the greatest of care and love.

From the moment your loyal friend is taken into our care to the return of their ashes to you and your family, we promise to treat your pet with the respect their deserve.

Say goodbye to your furry friend at one of our New South Wales locations. Take the time to honour your pet with a memorial or poem, and say a final farewell from our comfortable viewing room.

What to Expect

It's completely understandable that you may feel nerves or worry ahead of your precious pet's cremation. To avoid any unnecessary distress, we're here to let you know what to expect on the day and what decisions you may need to make ahead of time.

What Happens at a Pet Cremation

Our Pet Tracker 360 technology guarantees you’ll receive the ashes of only your pet. Choose a special spot to scatter your pet’s ashes or select an ornamental urn from our store. Even when your pet is no longer by your side, they’ll always be in your heart..

Private or Community Cremation

With a private cremation, you are guaranteed the return of only your pet’s ashes. Thanks to our unique Pet Tracker 360 technology, you can follow your precious pet at every stage of their final journey with Patch & Purr.

Writing a Eulogy for Your Pet

Honour the wonderful life your pet had in your home with a beautiful memorial or thoughtful poem. On the day, you’ll get the time to bid a final farewell to your pet. You can even share a photo and a few words for your pet on our dedicated memorial page.

More Help & Advice

Get an idea for what to expect on the day of your pet's cremation, the difference between private and community cremation as well as how to write a eulogy for your pet.

Writing a Eulogy for Your Pet

Writing down your feelings can be very healing. Honour your pet with a eulogy or poem.

Private vs. Community Cremation

Everything you need to know to make the choice between private and community cremation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got any questions about pet cremation, choosing an urn or vet support, take a look at our FAQs to find the answer.