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The death of a pet is likely to be as traumatic to your family as losing a human loved one. Pets are important members of the family, therefore end of life decisions you make about pet cremation service are likely to be the last thoughtful thing you do for your pet. You'll no doubt be full of questions, and that's where we're here to help. 

This section is designed to guide you through the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about choosing pet cremation services for your pet.

Can my vet help?

Your vet's role in the pet cremation

We understand your vet has been a trusted partner throughout the life of your pet, which is why we work closely with vets to ensure an efficient, professional and dignified pet cremation service. Feel free to ask your vet as many questions as you need to make the best end-of-life decision for your furry friend.


Why private cremation?

All about individual cremations

You have a few choices about what to do with your pet’s remains. Many people choose to bury their body in a shady spot in the garden, others opt for cremation, either community or private.

Private cremation means your pet is cremated with dignity and integrity on its own. At Patch & Purr we promise that the remains you receive are your pet’s and only your pet’s. Our unique tracking technology is your guarantee.


How will I receive the ashes?

Your options for your pet's ashes

You can either receive your pet’s ashes in a temporary container, for you to scatter in their favourite hiding place, or you can choose from our range of elegant memorial urns.


How do i know the ashes returned are my pet?

Our unique tracking system explained

With complete transparency at every stage of the cremation process, we assign a unique identification number to your beloved pet at the time of booking. This identification follows each pet throughout their journey, with checks and double-checks along the way. At every step of the journey, our team meticulously checks and validates your pet’s identity, allowing us to track their precise location, and stage of their journey at all times. This ensure you absolute peace of mind that you are receiving your beloved pet’s ashes home, and only your pet.

Initial booking and collection - We assign a unique ID number to your pet at the time of booking and create an ID tag that contains your pet’s details (name, breed and location).

Confirmation - Once your pet is in our care, we validate their ID tag against our Pet Tracker to ensure we have received all the details required for us to proceed with their cremation.

Keepsakes created - We check your pet’s ID tag prior to their cremation and attend to any special requests (such as creating a paw print memento or taking some hair or fur clippings).

Cremation - We place your pet’s ID tag on their private cremation chamber and validate this tag before and after their cremation.

Memorialisation - When placing your pet’s ashes into your chosen urn or keepsake, their ID tag is validated against our Pet Tracker and their ID label is confirmed.

Final inspection - We conduct a final quality inspection to confirm your pet’s details and the completion of any special requests.

Your pet comes home - When returning your pet’s ashes home or to your veterinary clinic, we carry out one final check, matching your pet’s unique ID details against your address.

Your Vet is provided access to our vet portal, allowing them to log in and see where your beloved pet is at any time while they are in our care. 

Comforting updates on your pet’s journey are available through your vet or by calling us directly on 1300 112 711.


How is pet cremation accomplished?

The pet cremation process

Your pet’s body is placed in the cremation chamber where, through heat and evaporation, the body is reduced to its basic elements which are referred to as “cremated remains.” Ashes are not the final result since “cremated remains” have neither the appearance nor the chemical properties of ashes – they are, in fact, bone fragments. Since the term “cremated remains” is little used by the public, most people refer to the “cremated remains” as “ashes.” Following preparation, the ashes are placed in a permanent urn, for you to keep at home, or in a temporary container, for you to scatter the remains in a place your pet loved.


What is the Vet Portal?

The Vet Portal is our advanced online system that enables veterinary clinics to track the journey of each pet from their practice or your home, and back again. By assigning a unique identification number to every pet, our Pet Tracker ™ technology allows real-time updates on their whereabouts while in our care.

Our vet dashboard is specifically designed for vets to access historical pet details and to notify us when we have a new pet to care for. This secure platform ensures complete transparency and accountability throughout the pet cremation process.

Please note that the vet portal is exclusively available to veterinary clinics. However, we understand that you may wish to receive updates on your beloved pet's journey. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your vet or our compassionate team directly on 1300 112 711.

At Patch & Purr, we are dedicated to providing a seamless and transparent service, and the Vet Portal is just one of the many ways we ensure complete peace of mind for our valued clients. Trust us to provide the highest standards of care for your beloved pet.

Grief factsheets

If you’re in need of some extra support in the days and weeks following your pet’s death, take a look at these handy guides written by leading figure in grief and empathy education and author of When Pets Die: It's Alright to Grieve, Doris Zagdanski.

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