Feedback Management Principles

It is a privilege to serve our client families in their time of need. The experience they have with us matters. We value all feedback received whether compliments, complaints or general feedback. This is an opportunity for us to hear how well we met expectations and what we could do to improve our service in the future.

In our commitment to you:


We make it easy, accessible, and free to provide feedback, including compliments and complaints.


We welcome all feedback and will use it to improve our products and services.


We handle all feedback in a fair and unbiased manner.


We will assess feedback in a timely manner and involve the feedback provider and/or their representative in the process


We review the information provided and listen carefully with respect to the views expressed.


We empower our people to resolve issues.


We provide updates as issues are investigated and include ways to contact us.


We provide clear reasons for our decisions and any remedies we deem fair and reasonable.


We escalate when requested or required and cooperate with external review bodies.


We regularly review our feedback management policy and processes to ensure effectiveness in managing all feedback.

For more information about how we handle all feedback received, please read our Feedback Management Policy.

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